1st AD/Producer Responsibilities (F3)


  • Break down the script and create the Production Schedule.
  • Purchase craft services by the night before production. Arrange for lunch to be picked up by a volunteer.
  • Secure each filming location by completing a Location Agreement and Shooting Plan, making sure the location owner is clear about the nature of the production.
  • Coordinate call times with other Producer(s) in your cycle using a Call Time Agreement to ensure 10 hr turnaround.
  • Arrange for volunteers and/or extras if required.
  • Create the Call Sheet, including a map and email no later than 12hrs before call time.
  • Assist the Director with any and all logistical needs to prepare for principal photography.
  • Organize the Tech Scout for each location with at least the ATL. Establish where the restrooms, parking, staging, base camp and set will be.
  • Create a Setup Schedule with the DP.
  • Prepare all paperwork needed for the Production Meeting.
  • Run the Production Meeting by reading the action of the script. Answer crewmembers’ questions.
  • Prepare and make copies of all the paperwork needed on set.
  • Have each actor sign a Performance Agreement.
  • Have Greenlight Meeting with Head of Production. Pick up media cards.
  • Double check every logistical piece of information and make sure nothing has been forgotten.

On Set

  • Start of day:
    • Arrive at set 30 minutes to an hour early and immediately establish contact with the location owner to make sure everything is still going as planned. Check back with them periodically throughout the day as needed.
    • Deliver the craft services to the 2nd AD for them to set up the craft service table.
    • Give the 2nd AD all the paperwork you prepared ahead of time for them to have completed throughout the day.
    • Get a walkie from the 2nd AD, then go stand where the set will be and stay there. Radio 2nd AD to bring you whatever you need.
  • Throughout the day:
    • Run through the 1st AD Set Procedure: Block, New Deal, Build, Rehearse, Shoot
    • Manage the time on the set by keeping up with the Setup Schedule. Adjust schedule as needed.
    • Look ahead to next set-ups and make sure departments are prepared and working ahead.
    • Verify with volunteer that lunch will be brought to set in time for 2nd AD to set it up prior to releasing for lunch.
  • End of day:
    • Approve the Daily Production Report and have 2nd AD distribute copies at the end of the day.
    • Collect all the Daily Production Paperwork, camera cards & sound cards from the 2nd AD.
    • With 2nd AD, clean and secure location. Be the LAST TO LEAVE (except perhaps Art Dept).
    • Whenever possible, do a walk-thru with the location owner to verify everything is in order.
    • Leave everything better than when you arrived.


  • Turn in media cards to designated drop-off area in Post Hall.¬†Ensure that the cards are dropped off prior to when the Assistant Editor commences work.
  • Turn in Production Delivery Paperwork via OneDrive to the Head of Production by 9am Thur after production.