1st AD Responsibilities (D2)


  • Attend the Production Meeting.
  • Meet with the Producer to discuss the schedule.

On Set

  • Start of day:
    • Arrive at set 30 minutes to an hour early.
    • Get a walkie from the 2nd AD, then go stand where the set will be and stay there. Radio 2nd AD to bring you whatever you need.
    • At call time, have a Safety Meeting with the entire crew. Complete the Safety Meeting Report.
  • Throughout the day:
    • Run through the 1st AD Set Procedure: Block, New Deal, Build, Rehearse, Shoot…
    • Manage the time on the set by keeping up with the Setup Schedule. Adjust schedule as needed.
    • Look ahead to next setups and make sure departments are prepared and working ahead.
  • End of day: