2nd AD Responsibilities

Start of day

  • Arrive at set FIRST, at least 30 minutes before call time.
  • Open and establish contact with location. Record the state and location of things, ground rules.
  • Establish Base Camp.
    • Set up Zone B Checkpoint with Walkies and Production iPad, where crew will check in when they arrive.
    • Get the snacks and drinks from the Producer, and set up the craft service table.
  • When trucks arrive, verify they are parking in the correct place.
  • As crew members arrive, check them in using the Production iPad and hand them a walkie.

Throughout the day

  • Maintain the craft service table throughout the day to make sure it is stocked.
  • Stay at base camp and handle the phones, paperwork and actors. Know where everything and everyone is.
  • Remain in or near the Green Room with the Actors, except to escort them to/from set at 1st AD’s request.


  • At lunch make sure everyone signs the Meal Sign-In Sheet.
  • Make periodic announcements on time remaining on lunch.
  • Make sure lunch does not exceed one hour.

End of day

  • Complete the Performers Time Report, and have the actors sign it before they are dismissed for the day.
  • Make sure 2nd AC, Script Supe, and Sound Mixer meet at end of day to verify reports. Collect all reports.
  • Collect the camera card and sound cards, and deliver to Producer at the end of the day.
  • Have crew members sign out using the Production iPad and collect their walkie.
  • With Producer, clean and secure location. Be the LAST TO LEAVE (except perhaps Art Dept).
  • Leave everything better than when you arrived.
  • Complete the DPR and have it approved by the Producer. Then distribute within 2 hours after wrap.


  • Assist in wrapping production paperwork if necessary.