Admission to Honors in the Major

Students do not need to be part of the University Honors Program in order to participate in Honors in the Major. The requirements set by the College of Motion Picture Arts are as follows:

  • A 3.750 GPA or higher
  • Approval from a Thesis Director (selected by the student)
  • Approval from the College Honors Liaison (Lisa Tripp)
  • Approval from the Associate Dean (Andrew Syder)

Application steps

All of the steps below must be taken during the BFA2 Spring semester, so that an application to the Honors Program can be submitted before the deadline at the end of that semester.

1. Attend the College’s information session

Midway through the BFA2 Spring semester, the College Liaison will hold an information session about Honors in the Major. All BFA2 students considering doing an Honors project are required to attend this meeting.

The College Liaison will provide general information about Honors in the Major and will also be available to help students identify potential topics for Honors projects.

2. Identify a topic

After attending the information session, through consultation with the College Liaison, the student should begin to think about the topic for their Honors project. It doesn’t need to be fully defined at this point in time, but having some sense of a general topic area will be helpful in determining a suitable Thesis Director for the project.

3. Secure a Thesis Director

The Thesis Director must be a full-time FSU faculty member from the College of Motion Picture Arts. The College Liaison can assist in this process if the student is not sure who might be a good fit.

The Thesis Director will also be able to share valuable insights on broadening or narrowing the scope of your work to make sure you are able to conclude your project within your anticipated timeline.

4. Create a working title

Once you have recruited your Thesis Director, you will work together to clarify a working title for your project. Although this title may be changed, it should give a clear idea of what your work will be about. Often this working title will appear on your transcript, so it is important that it accurately reflect the content of your work.

5. Draft an action plan

In order to receive approval from the College Liaison and the Associate Dean, each prospective Honors student must draft a one-page action plan that outlines how the student intends to balance their workload and make steady progress towards completion of the Honors project.

  1. The student’s name.
  2. The name of the desired thesis director, noting whether or not they’ve agreed to it yet.
  3. A working title for the project.
  4. A description of the student plans to set aside an average of 10 hours per week during the BFA2 Summer semester to work on the honors project.
  5. A description of how the student plans to keep up with the honors project in the Fall and Spring while also working on thesis films. (This might be harder to predict, but it’s good to start anticipating when you’ll be the busiest with the thesis films and when you might have time free for honors. Even just listing the crew positions on thesis that interest you the most will be helpful here, as we can then start mapping out when those crew positions will likely fall within the thesis cycle.)

It is not a requirement that the action plan outline specific milestones for the project, as these might not have been determined yet. If a student has thought about these milestones, however, it would be good to include them.

6. Meet with the College Liaison

Towards the end of the BFA2 Spring semester, the College Liaison will set up individual meetings with each prospective Honors student to review their action plan and discuss the upcoming project.

7. Submit the Honors application form

The final step of the application process is to complete the Honors Application Form and submit it to the College Liaison before 4pm on Wednesday of Week 15. Students will need to get their form signed by their Thesis Director before turning it into the College Liaison; the College Liaison will then sign the form and collect the signature of the Associate Dean.