Call Sheet

Production Paperwork


The purpose of the call sheet is to provide all the pertinent information about the next day’s production. The Second Assistant Director is responsible for distributing a PDF of each day’s call sheet to the cast, crew, faculty, and FSU police. If the production does not have a dedicated Second Assistant Director, the First Assistant Director or Producer shall assume the responsibility.

Call sheets, along with any relevant additional information such as maps or safety bulletins, must be emailed out no later than 12 hours before call time on the first day of production and no later than the previous day’s company wrap for all subsequent days. It is important to thoroughly check — and double-check — and triple-check — that all the information in the call sheet is correct before it is sent out, because the distribution of revisions can create confusion.


The email subject must be formatted with production number and show title included, as follows: 01f3-Film Title - Call Sheet - Day 1

You may include a brief, executive summary of important information in the body of the email, but this should not be a substitute for providing all relevant information in the call sheet itself.

Required recipients are: