Check-in & Check-out

As a required and mandatory component of the curriculum, students will be required to check out equipment, use the equipment safely and effectively, and check in the equipment in the condition it was issued. Students will be evaluated on such use. Students will also be evaluated on their timely attendance at the scheduled equipment check-in/check-out, which is mandatory for most student productions.

Equipment will be checked out and assigned to current, registered FSU College of Motion Picture Arts students ONLY.

The most formal, structured type of equipment usage occurs during the student films produced during production cycles. Most student projects fall into this category and are assigned specific equipment packages, with the possibility of additional equipment being available upon special request. These packages are designed to allow students access to the needed equipment for their projects while maintaining equity across all productions. Student productions are an extension of the classroom; the use of the equipment and the production itself is a component of the test and/or assignment of the class.

Prior to checking out equipment students are assigned crew positions on the production crew grid. Student crewmembers are required to attend check-out or check-in at the assigned time and attendance is taken. Crew members who are required to attend from their respective departments, and the attendance times, are subject to change but, in general, are laid out in the Equipment Room Check-out/Check-in Schedule available from the ER and posted on the student bulletin board.

The students assigned the responsibility of those crew positions shall be responsible for the equipment, regardless of who uses it. However, any damage to equipment due to negligence will always become the responsibility of the student user and will take priority over any other policy. Failure to adhere to this protocol or fully understand its ramifications will result in the restricted use or loss of ER privileges.


At the assigned times, the “check-in” students sign in on the equipment check-in attendance sheet. Attendance at check-in is part of the student’s final grade.

If a truck has been provided to a production, the assigned drivers back the truck up to the loading dock with the assistance of the assigned passenger.

The Key Grip orchestrates the unloading of the truck. The check-in students unload the camera, sound, AD, and Script Supervisor packages and proceed to carry the equipment inside to the equipment room. The check-in students responsible for the lighting, grip, electrical, and dolly packages unload their equipment onto the loading dock. Both groups are informed of, and are witness to, the logging of any gear that is missing and or damaged from their respective portions of the equipment manifest. The missing/damaged equipment is noted on the manifest form.

The students checking in sign the manifest form acknowledging the agreement between the ER and the student as to the state of the gear, and the gear count. If there is missing/damaged equipment, the responsible student(s) either return the missing item(s) or arrange payment to repair or replace the item(s). Once their portion of the manifest is signed the check-in students may sign out and leave.


At the assigned times, the “check-out” students sign in on the equipment check-in attendance sheet. Attendance at check-out is part of the student’s final grade.

The check-out students thoroughly check through every piece of equipment, and make sure that the ER has replaced any damaged or missing equipment, and/or has noted such damage on the Check-out Manifest.

If a truck has been provided to a production, the Key Grip orchestrates the loading of equipment onto the truck. The student responsible signs for the equipment, receives a copy of the Check-out Manifest, and stores the manifest with the equipment. This signature is acknowledgement that the Check-out person has thoroughly checked through every piece of gear on their portion of the manifest and he or she agrees with the ER personnel on the condition and count of the gear.

Faculty Assigned Classes/Workshops

In the course of conducting their classes, there will be times when faculty will require students to check out equipment for certain class exercises. These checkouts are less formal and not as structured. However, the ER expects the same diligence in the use and return of the gear.

In most cases, the equipment’s care is the responsibility of the entire class. However, in the case of gross negligence, the person responsible will be held liable for any damages assessed.

Students who are directed by their instructor to pick up the equipment will be required to fill out and sign the Special Equipment Check-out Form. The equipment will be checked out at the time it is requested, and must be returned to the ER at the end of class.