Concept Prep (F3)

The purpose of the concept prep is to workshop the big-picture vision for the film. It will be a chance for the director to communicate what’s most important to them about the story they are telling. We will delve into the thematic and emotional core of the film and we’ll review reference materials for the how the team plans to bring the film to life.

Concept preps will ordinarily be held on Wednesday mornings, about a week ahead of the start of each show’s pre-pro period (check the weekly schedule for exact times). The full above-the-line team (DR, PR, DP, PD) should be present.

Please use the show’s Slack channel to share all relevant materials.

Concept prep materials

The following materials should be assembled for the concept prep:

    • Share the most recent draft no later than 1:00pm on the day before the prep, so that everyone has time to read it.
    • Directors should write a paragraph that communicates why they are passionate to tell this particular story. Try to touch on the thematic and/or emotional core of the film here. Also describe what you feel are the most important elements of the film — i.e., the things you want to protect at all costs.
    • Directors, DPs, and Production Designers should collaborate on bringing in some reference materials for the look and feel of each scene. This can be reference you’ve created yourself or reference you have found elsewhere. Bring in as much or as little reference as you think you need to communicate your vision effectively, and be prepared to explain its relevance.

Feel free to also share any other materials that you think could be helpful for communicating the big-picture vision of the film.