‼️ COVID-19 Policies ‼️

Safety must remain our number one priority as we navigate the realities of this strange, new world. Over the coming weeks, we will be developing detailed policies and procedures that will factor in university requirements and regulations, as well as new industry practices for safe film production in the era of coronavirus. For the time being, there is one simple, overarching rule that must be observed for school activities, including all coursework and productions:

There must be no face-to-face curricular interactions or usage of film school facilities — unless it is deemed essential and specifically authorized by the Dean.

This means that students are not permitted to work together in a face-to-face setting unless it has been approved in advance by the Dean. This includes all class exercises, weekend projects, and major productions. Students are also not permitted to use the school facilities or equipment unless specifically authorized in advance by the Dean.

In instances where the Dean approves face-to-face interactions or use of school facilities/equipment, current CDC, FSU, state, and local guidelines must be observed and everyone should be prepared for stricter safety measures than normal — such as social distancing, the use of masks and other personal protective equipment, scheduled times for activities, and extra time budgeted for sanitizing facilities and equipment.

Any questions about whether an activity is permissible should be directed to the Assistant Dean (Tony Ciarlariello) or the Associate Dean (Andrew Syder).

Any students caught violating any of the above policies, will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate dismissal from the program.