COVID-19 Script Breakdowns


Having a smart plan for production in the COVID era starts with writing and development. You can reduce many risk factors simply by being mindful of what will be required to actually shoot the words on the page. Performing script breakdowns to identify potential safety concerns will be an essential part of this process.


Starting with the first draft of the script, answer the following questions for each scene, using the above document as a template:

  1. Is the location interior or exterior?
  2. Is the location a large/open space or a cramped/closed space?
  3. Is the location public or private?
  4. How many characters/extras are in the scene?
  5. Will the scene require actors in at-risk groups (e.g., older actors)?
  6. Are any characters in close physical proximity?
  7. Do any actions require shouting, coughing, singing, or physical exertion
  8. Will the scene require extensive art department, grip/gaff, or coverage?


Using tips for writing during a pandemic as a guide, assess the level of COVID-19 safety concerns for each answer of the breakdown and then change the color of the answer according to the following criteria:

GREEN – Standard level of COVID-19 safety concerns

YELLOW – Warning of possibly elevated COVID-19 concerns

RED – Alert of definitely elevated COVID-19 concerns