COVID-19 Protocols

Safety Training

  • All crew must attend COVID safety training workshops and crew drills during pre-production. It is incumbent on all crew members to thoroughly study and practice these safety protocols in advance of production.

Casting & Rehearsals

  • Holding auditions outdoors or on Zoom is recommended.
  • Casting local actors is recommended, to reduce travel-based risk factors.
  • Rehearsing more during pre-production is recommended, to minimize the amount of on-set rehearsals.

Location Scouting

  • Favor virtual scouting to minimize in-person scouting. 
  • Select known, controllable locations wherever possible. 
  • Have as much conversation outdoors as possible.
  • Try to avoid selecting cramped, indoor locations.
  • Assess how well you can control the location perimeter.
  • Inquire if the location has any COVID safety protocols.
  • Assess: Is the location inhabited? Are any residents in a vulnerable category? Are any residents currently quarantined due to COVID exposure, posing a potential risk to cast and crew?

Tech Scouting

  • Have as much conversation outdoors as possible.
  • Try to maximize space and air flow when selecting work spaces.
  • Create a plan for maintaining a secure perimeter for a controlled, closed work area.
  • Map out controlled spaces for:
    • Parking – assume more vehicles than usual
    • Outdoor reception checkpoint
    • Set(s)
    • Base camp
    • Green room
    • Lunch
  • Assess and determine:
    • Access to bathrooms and hand-washing/sanitizing stations;
    • Signage needs – e.g., directions to the reception checkpoint; directions to hand-washing stations; safety guidelines.
    • Whether any special considerations need to be made regarding air flow and/or HVAC, especially in Zone A areas.
    • How COVID might impact the emergency plan — e.g., the ability for people to evacuate or congregate.

Director’s Prep

  • All casting and locations must be locked prior to Director’s Prep
  • Producer must be prepared to discuss the safety plan for each shooting day

Green Light Meeting

  • Producer presents relevant planning documents and authorization forms to the Head of Production in order to secure a green light
  • Producer provides a list of cast, crew, and volunteers. Nobody else will be authorized to be in Zone B

Production Meeting

  • Be sure to address COVID protocols in the meeting