D1 Specs

Writing specs

Page count:2 pages
Quantity of scenes:1 scene – writing instructor may grant an exception if an additional scene does not pose safety or scope concerns
Quantity of locations:1 location – written for a specific space at Critchfield Hall
Quantity of characters:2 characters – written for specific actors from the theater school
Sexual intimacy:Nothing that would typically call for an intimacy coordinator
COVID restrictions:No actions that require would require actors to be closer than six feet

Production specs

Location:All shows shoot at Critchfield Hall
Shooting days:1 day
Length of workday:12 hours, plus an hour for lunch
Call times:Set by Head of Production
Night shoots:No
FIST agreement:Yes
COVID protocols:Yes

Data allocation

Final page count:2 pages
Shooting days:1 day
Pages per day:2 pages
Shooting ratio:20:1
Data rate:1.4 GB/minute
Max. data per page:28 GB
Max. data per day:56 GB
Max. dailies length:40 minutes
Max. dailies size:56 GB

Capture settings

Frame rate:24.000 fps
Record file format:Avid DNxHD/HR
Resolution:2K (2048×1080)
Video codec:Avid DNxHD/HR SQ
Baked-in settings:All image settings (Rec. 709 / SDR)
Output color space:Rec. 709
Output tone map:Medium Contrast
Highlight roll-off:Medium
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Editorial specs

Max. story content:2:30
Max. credits:1:00
Max. TRT:3:30
Pic edit software:Media Composer
Sound software:ProTools
Coloring software:Media Composer
Pic edit days:5 days
Sound days:2.5 days
Coloring days:0.5 days
Visual effects:No