Director’s Prep (D2)

The Director’s Preps for the D2 cycle will take place primarily at the shooting location(s) in order to address the real-world, practical dimensions of shooting the film in as concrete a manner as possible. In advance of the prep, to get everyone oriented to the show, the ATL team will post materials to the show’s Slack channel.

On the day of the prep, before arriving at the location, the Director will meet with Jed to discuss the creative vision for the film and the Producer will meet with Tony to review the production logistics. All of the ATL team and the prep faculty will then convene at the location to workshop the shooting plan for the show.

Slack Channel Content Requirements

In preparation for the Director’s Prep session, the ATL team should post materials to the show’s Slack channel. This will help the team and the faculty all get on the same page about the show. Posts should include:


  • No later than the beginning of a show’s pre-production time, create a Slack channel titled “Prod#-year”. For example: 01D2-2022
  • Invite all the creative team members and all faculty associated with pre-production, production, and post-production.
  • Post the latest version of script at the time of channel creation. This will be known as Version 1. Please relabel the document “Prod#-Script Title-Version#”. For example: 01-Flip the Script-Version#1
  • List all crew members and their roles.
  • Provide a parking plan with directions (due no later than 2 hours before the location scout call time).


  • Script changes:
    • Ensure there is always the latest version of the script in the channel by posting new versions in the channel promptly upon completion. Use the same naming convention, for example: 01-Flip the Script-Version#2
    • No more versions of the script can be submitted after On-Location Prep have been completed unless faculty authorizes it.
  • Casting photos or audition clips for all principal actors.
  • No later than 12 hours before the location scout call time, the director will submit a Prelim shot list. This list is developed very generally in collaboration with the cinematographer.

Production Designer:

  • All the major props that are needed for the show.
  • All the major props that have been acquired for the show.
  • All wardrobe and hair/make-up looks that are intended for the show.
  • Any wardrobe and hair/make-up tests that have been prepared.
  • Important set dressings intended and/or found.


  • Detailed location photos, including exteriors of location and interiors of shooting areas.
  • Look Book (due no later than 12 hours before the location scout call time):
    • State the genre of the film you are shooting.
    • Using Shotdeck, for each slugline create a series of film stills that inspire your lighting choices. They should include contrast context, window treatments, moonlight treatment, sun orientation, tonal range, etc.
    • For each image explain why that image was chosen, this is for lighting only.
  • Luminance Plan, Color Plan and Story Plan (due no later than 12 hours before the location scout call time).

Location Scout Day

  • When no more than two locations have been locked for scouts, Producer will post in the channel the location/s address and time of arrival for the prep.
  • Director meets with Jed at the school at 2:15pm (or 75 minutes before arrival at the location).
  • ATL and faculty meet at first location at 3:30pm.
  • It is not required, but it is strongly encouraged to enlist the help of other people (cast actors, friends, family, BFA students, etc.) to stand in for actors while the scenes get blocked at the prep. If no help can be found the Producer and Production Designer will stand in as the actors.
  • Each department head will keep notes for ideas, concerns, etc. for each scene discussed at the location with the faculty.
  • If there’s a second location and time permits, the ATL and faculty move onto the second location immediately after the prep wraps at the first location.