Doc Production Delivery Checklist

The following is a list of items students must deliver to the Head of Production via the production’s OneDrive folder. Submit one electronic version (either scanned PDF or electronic original) of all documents using the provided folder structure. Name files according to the naming conventions provided in each section (e.g. 01dc-Proposal.pdf).

Always keep a backup copy and/or hard copy of all files in a production delivery binder in case a delivered file becomes corrupt or accidentally deleted.

Due Dates

Part I – Production Delivery
To be completed by 5:00pm on Friday, March 26, 2021.

Part II – Post Production Delivery
To be completed by 5:00pm on Friday, April 16, 2021.

Part III – Film Festival Press Materials
To be completed by 5:00pm on Friday, June 11, 2021.

Part I – Production Delivery

01. Proposal

  • PDF file of the final project proposal

02. Releases

PDFs of all required releases:

03. Correspondence

  • PDFs of all general correspondence including letters, emails, texts, etc. At the very least, this should include a thank-you letter to each interviewee.

04. Crew Information

  • Update the Crew tab in Motion with any additional crewmembers (e.g. volunteers). Save a PDF of the Crew list, and include it in this section.

05. Interviewee Information

  • Update the Cast tab in Motion with info and headshot for every person who appears on screen. Save aPDF of the Cast list, and include it in this section.

06. Location Info

  • Update the Locations tab in Motion with info and photo for each location used during production. Save a PDF of the Location list, and include it in this section.

07. Vendors

  • Update the Vendors tab in Motion with info on each business or individual from whom items were borrowed, rented or donated. Include in the Keywords a brief description of the items (for donations, also include the real or estimated value of the donation). Save a PDF of the Vendors list, and include it in this section. If there were none, then still include a PDF of the Vendors tab from Motion.
    01dc Vendors.pdf

Part II – Post-Production Delivery

01. Project Details

  • Update all info in the Details tab in Motion. Save a PDF of the Details tab, and include it in this section.

02. Dialogue List

  • PDF of a Dialogue List form (typed). Include all spoken dialogue in the final film with descriptions of action seen on screen (for subtitling in foreign language festivals).

03. Interview Transcripts

  • PDF of the final interview transcripts.

04. Music Requirements

  • PDF of Music Cue Sheet (typed), which lists the entrance and exit of all music cues
  • PDF of the music rights, released to the Film School:
    • If from Killer Tracks/Universal Production Music, include PDF of the Killer Tracks License.
    • If an original score, include PDF of a Composer Contract signed by the composer.
    • If licensed music, include a Synchronization License from the publisher AND a Master Use License from the record label for world, film festival, for at least 2 years.

05. Stock Image Requirements

  • Stock images:
    • PDF of Stock Image Log Sheet, which lists the use of any video clips,still photographs, and/or artwork used in the finished film whose copyright is owned by someone other than the Film School.
    • If no stock images were used in your film, then include a memo stating, “No stock images were used in the film.”
  • Image Rights:
    • If using copyrighted images, you must include an Image Release signed by the copyright holder.
    • If using public domain and/or creative commons images,you must include a PDF verifying the images’ copyright status.

06. Credits and Title Cards

  • PDF of Credits List form (typed). Include title cards & credits as they appear on screen. This should not be screenshots of the credits from the film.

Part III – Film Festival Press Materials

01. Press Kit

  • PDF and Word files of the Festival Press Kit, organized as follows. You may use the Press Kit template if you like.
    • Title Page – The first page will have the title of the film, contact address, phone number of the FSU Film School, and the Film School logo and copyright.
    • Synopses – A 25-word, a 40-word synopsis of the film.
    • ATL Info – Biography, filmography & headshot for each ATL crew member.
    • Credits – Include credits for each interviewee and crew member.
    • Production Stills – A minimum of five (5) production stills with captions.
    • Director’s Statement – A brief statement from the director about the project.
    • Poster – A one-sheet of the poster.

02. Press Kit Materials

All elements used in the creation of the Press Kit including photos, fonts, logos, graphics, etc.

  • One (1) photo for each ATL crew member at 300dpi, jpg.
  • Bio for each ATL crew member saved in a Word doc.
    01dc-ATL Bios.docx
  • Synopses: 25-word and 40-word synopses saved in a Word doc.
  • Production Stills: At least five (5) at 300dpi, jpg
    01dc-Still-01.jpg 01dc-Still-02.jpg
  • Other Materials: Any other elements, including fonts, logos, graphics, etc.
    any filename that clearly identifies what it is

03. Poster

  • Poster created in Photoshop at 27”x 40”, 300dpi, using these layers: 1) Art, 2) Title, 3) Credits, 4) Logos/Copyright. Use approved Logos/Fonts as needed. Save a layered PSD file and a flattened JPG file.
  • Save a copy of your poster as a 72dpi, 450×663 pixels, flattened jpg to use as a Summary Thumbnail.

04. Student ID

  • A good, clear scanned copy of the Director’s student ID card

05. Media

  • Update the Media tab in Motion with at least 5 Production Stills (72dpi, jpg) and the Summary Thumbnail (Poster at 72dpi, 450×663 pixels, jpg – you must set it to this size or it will not upload). Include a PDF of the Media tab in this section.

06. Film Festival Strategy

  • Update the Festival Strategy form in Motion. Include a PDF of the Festival tab from Motion in this section.