Documentary Equipment Approval

Production Paperwork


This form must be completed and submitted to the Head of Production (Tony Ciarlariello) before a show’s greenlight meeting. The purpose of the form is to ensure that there’s a plan in place for all equipment use out in the field and to ensure that any personal gear is suitable for production.

Equipment Transportation Plan

This section is document where production will occur and the means of transportation for all school equipment. Note that the EVA1 camera and batteries cannot be checked if traveling by air and must be brought on the plane as carry-on luggage. Be prepared to any questions about the specifics of the transportation plan at the greenlight meeting.

Equipment Back-up Plan

Provide a plan for how you will continue with production if the EVA1 camera or any other essential equipment goes down while you are out in the field. This may include use of personal equipment to complete the project or, if local to Tallahassee, working with the ER to get equipment replaced or repaired. Note that the ER will not typically be able to mail equipment to another city if the show is outside the school’s studio zone.

Personal Equipment

In order to maintain consistency of image fidelity and to serve the learning outcomes of the project, the EVA1 camera should always be used as the primary camera for production. There are instances, however, where productions may wish to use a personal camera (e.g., as a b-camera or for shots that cannot be executed with the EVA1) or other, supplemental, personal equipment. Use this section to provide make/model/specs of any personal gear and an brief explanation of why this gear is needed for the film. Pay particular attention to personal camera specs to make sure that the captured media is compatible with the post-production workflow.