Equipment Room Responsibilities

The Equipment Room (ER) is designed to support students in the proper and successful completion of their projects. The ER strives to provide well-maintained, industry-standard equipment and expendables for faculty and students to use in their educational endeavors. The ER also strives to maintain and improve its equipment so that future film students will be able to enjoy the same experience of working with high quality, professional filmmaking tools.

Damage and replacement of equipment

The ER will be responsible for assisting and/or replacing equipment, which is deemed vital to the essential completion of the project.

The ER will provide an emergency phone number for the purpose of contacting ER personnel in the case of an equipment emergency. An equipment emergency is defined as any equipment malfunction that renders the completion of the production impossible or severely hindered. Not knowing how to operate equipment does not constitute an emergency. An equipment emergency is also defined as any vehicle accident involving College vehicles. Accidents involving student vehicles are not Equipment Room emergencies.

The ER shall be responsible for the replacement, repair, or supply of any equipment or expendables that are not available/functioning due to ER personnel error.

The ER is not responsible for in the field replacement of depleted expendables. The ER is also not responsible for instruction in usage of equipment in the field, and is not responsible for user error. 

For each production cycle the ER will issue a Loss/Damage Report to each producer. The ER will also issue an invoice both to the producer and to the responsible individual(s) for the cost of replacing or repairing any gear damaged or missing.

Check-in and check-out

The ER personnel will guide students in the checking in and out of all equipment.

The ER will provide the original equipment Check-out/Check-in manifest forms to check against the state of the equipment. Any deviation of the state of the equipment, either in damage or loss, from the Check-out forms will be noted on the Check-in forms and signed by the ER personnel who witnessed the irregularity.

The ER will replace an item if that item is damaged or missing at the time of check-out. If there is no in-kind item available then the damaged or missing item will be noted on the Check-out Manifest.

The ER personnel will be responsible for obtaining the signature of the Check-in student at the end of Check-in.

The ER will place all approved Special Request equipment in the designated Special Request spaces.