F1 Cut Screenings

The primary focus of cut screenings is on the picture edit, and how those picture editing choices serve story and character. It is not expected that you will have a polished soundtrack or that you will have completed any color correction or visual effects shots. Include only the essential sound elements for the cut screening: primarily dialogue and temp music. Sound effects are only important if they are critical to understanding the story (e.g., if we don’t hear the knock at the door, we’ll be confused for the rest of the scene).

The goal is to present a cut that is 4 minutes in length. It is okay, however, if you are having difficulty getting it down to 4 minutes and it is running a little long. It’s better for us to see the excess footage at this point, so that we have a better sense of what materials you are working with.

All shows must have a QuickTime exported and copied to the proper folder on Labnet one hour before their scheduled screening time. The settings should be as follows:

  • QuickTime format
  • h.264 compression
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • Square pixel
  • 24fps
  • Do not check the maximum render quality or bit depth boxes.

Please name the QuickTime: 01F1 Cut Screening.mov

The folder location is: