F3 Prep Process

Now that you have completed your Story Prep and received your notes, it is your responsibility to execute any and all revisions based on Story Prep and insights gained from rehearsals and actual locations. You are expected to have a LOCKED SHOOTING SCRIPT no later than five days prior to production.

Each director will complete a five-day prep preceding your two-day shoot, as follows…

Five days prior to shoot

Email the locked shooting script to all F3 faculty no later than 5PM. Email should include a BRIEF SUMMARY OF CHANGES since Story Prep. No further changes are allowed prior to ATL Prep.

All locations must be locked!

Four days prior to shoot

Director and DP should meet to discuss shooting plan.

Producer sends the address and directions for the on-location ATL Prep to Greg, Keith, David, and Ron* (*if VFX).

Director sends the PRESENTATION PACKAGE to Greg, Keith, David, which includes:

  • LINED SCRIPT/BEAT-BY-BEAT SCRIPT: 2 versions of now locked shooting script, one with beat notes for actors and one with lined representations of coverage.
  • OVERHEAD DIAGRAMS/SHOT LIST/SETUP SCHEDULE: Overheard camera positions for each scene’s proposed blocking should show all setups planned. Approved VFX shots should be indicated and on set requirements notated.
  • LOCATION PHOTOS: Multiple angle photos of ALL locked locations.
  • ACTOR PHOTOS: Headshots of actors in all important and/or speaking roles.

It is important that Greg, Keith, David, and Ron* receive the package no later than 5pm so they may review before on-location production meeting the next day.

Three days prior to shoot

The ATL Prep takes place on location with the above-the-line crew (DR, PR, DP, & PD) and Greg, Keith, David, and Ron*.

The purpose of this ATL Prep is to present your director’s prep in the most practical way possible. Rather than create a slideshow, we expect you to walk us through how you practically intend to achieve your vision in the actual space. BRING ONE HARD COPY OF YOUR PRESENTATION PACKAGE for reference.

If at all possible, please arrange for your actors to be present for rehearsal at this meeting. If you wish you may double this meeting as your required rehearsal. Failing that, please arrange for stand-ins to be present.

The meeting will be in two parts:

Part One: Director Prep

  1. The Producer will welcome Gregto the Director’s Prep for (0#F3), (Director’s) film (Title) and proceed to introduce all the ATL present.
  2. The Production Designer will briefly (~3 mins) lay out the vision pertaining to the overall look of the movie and plans to accomplish same in actual location.
  3. The Director of Photography will briefly (~3 mins) lay out the vision pertaining to the overall look of the movie and plans to accomplish same.
  4. The Director will block the scenes to be shot at this location with actors or stand-ins. The Director will then explain camera coverage for the scene as blocked. The Director will then explain coverage for any other locations primarily using the Overhead Diagrams. (This will take up the bulk of Part One.)

Part Two: Cine and Gear Preps

When Keith and David arrive, the Director of Photography will present the specific lighting plan of the movie to capture the blocking and coverage as presented previously by the Director. Faculty will offer suggestions and ideas for how to achieve the plan. (This will take up the bulk of Part Two.)

All other Production Members should be prepared to participate in the answers to the Faculty’s questions.

Last two days prior to shoot

Make any remaining adjustments.

Good luck!