Foley Stage Operations

Scheduling Sessions

Use the Scheduling Book in the staging area to reserve session(s) times and facilities needed. Circle/highlight the appropriate Control Room and/or the Foley Pits for the times needed and write in your name or production number:

Setting up the server

Make sure you have saved and closed your project on the Post Hall.

Confirm that The_Server is mounted on the desktop:

If not, from the Finder menu bar select “Go” and navigate to “Connect to Server”:

Then, for the Server Address, enter

Contact the Post Hall staff if you do not know the username and password.

Setting up the session

Select and power any appropriate video monitor on the Foley Stage:

  • HDMI 1 is for Control Room A
  • HDMI 2 is for Control Room B

Open Nuendo 8 from the Dock. The Nuendo Hub should open. Select your project from the list on the right hand window or select ”Open Other” and navigate to your .npr project file in your project folder on the Server:

From the Nuendo menu bar select “Studio” and navigate to “Audio Connections”:

Confirm all devices (the Steinberg I/O box on the workstation) are connected and mapped to the correct input and output ports.

Input Tab: the ADR Mic input 1 should be mapped to the corresponding Device Port and Foley Mic Input 2 should be mapped to its corresponding port:

Output Tab: The DxStem, FxStem and MxStems (Left, Right, Center) should be mapped to their corresponding L,R,C Device ports:

The Steinberg I/O Box should be set to the MASTER Position and left volume control should be set to maximum, fully clockwise:

Right-click over the track header section to create/select new tracks:

Make a sufficient number of tracks set to MONO configuration. You can name the tracks and assign to the appropriate Output Buss (or Stem):

Select the appropriate Input Path from the drop-down window in the track header of the Inspector:

Open the (previously prepared) Spotting Marker sheet. Click the “e” in the track header:

Click the ADR tab on the lower left of the spotting sheet, select the cue you wish to run.

Pre and Post Roll can be set in the General Tab by selection the setting icon on the bottom right corner, Video options are set in the Video Tab.

Record Enable the appropriate track:

Have your talent give you a test read to set initial recording levels using the preamp gain controls on the Steinberg I/O box. Peak readings should be bouncing up through Green and just into the Yellow on the track meters:

Use the Yellow Talkback box to communicate with your subject. Remember they cannot hear you otherwise!!

Use the Rehearse button to rehearse the first cue and re-adjust recording levels as needed. Peak meter readings should dance into the Yellow area:

Recording takes

When you are ready to start making “Takes” press the RECORD button in the Spotting sheet to start recordings. Redirect the talent as necessary until you are satisfied with the new performances.

The takes will be stacked on top of each other, indicated by the grey cross hatch:

To reveal the takes list, select the event, then control-right click and select “To Front”:

To playback your takes, simply deselect the record enable and play the clip.

Wrapping the session

Pick up after yourself. It is considered highly unprofessional to leave the Foley Pits or Control Rooms a mess. They are checked periodically and the last person(s) using the suite will be held accountable if the space has not been left in an unprofessional state.