Lab Policies

Food and drink

Food is NEVER permitted in the computer labs or editing suites. Beverages are only permitted if in a BOTTLE WITH A SPORTS CAP (or other non-spill container). Beverages must be kept in your backpack or bag when you’re not drinking. The container must never be left on the desk or on the floor near the workstations. If you cause damage to any equipment, you will be held responsible for the full replacement costs.

Noise and cell phones

Labs are a place for working, not socializing. Please keep your voice volume down so as not to disrupt or disturb others working in the space. Keep phones on silent/vibrate mode at all times. If you need to take/make a call, step out of the lab.


Keep your work area reasonably clean and neat at all times. Always restore your work area to a pristine condition when you leave. Unless rendering, please log out of your workstation if you plan to step away from your computer for more than 15 minutes.


Assume all projects will be rendered locally on your assigned workstation. Contact faculty if you feel you cannot complete your show’s rendering on your local workstation. If you set-up renders overnight or when you leave for lunch, please post a “rendering” sign on the desk. (Do not tape anything directly to the monitor screen.)

Headphones, tablets, pens, and mice

All students are responsible for proper care of the equipment. If you lose or break any equipment, you will be held responsible for the full replacement costs. Headphones, tablets, pens, and mice must not be removed from a workstation under any circumstances.


The downloading of illegal or potentially harmful files on the lab computers is absolutely forbidden. In particular, the FSU network or computers must never be used to download or store pirated movies, music, software, plug-ins, or any other material.

Storyboard panels and walls

You may hang project-based materials on the “storyboard” panels if you wish. Do not post inappropriate images or other non-project related materials to the storyboard panels. Do not tape or pin anything to bare walls or computer monitors.

Clean up

Please assist with the general upkeep of the labs. It’s a team effort. If you notice that a lab is getting messy, assist by cleaning up some of the mess, even if you weren’t responsible for it.


Labs are for student use only. If you wish to bring a guest to the lab, you must seek prior approval from FSU faculty.