Picture Lock

At the end of the picture edit cycle, the Editor and Director will be assigned a time to formally lock picture. This means that the Lock Sequence must be completed by that time and the appropriate fields must be filled out in Motion.

Once picture locking is complete, the Editor and Director will work with the Post Staff to prep the film for the next phases of the post-production chain, which includes turn over for sound design and color correction.

Create the Locked sequence

In Media Composer, correctly identify your locked sequence and save it in the Lock bin as Show#_Lock. For example, the locked sequence for 09D2 would be named 09D2_Locked.

Double-check the project settings by going to Preferences and then Format. Your Format settings should be as follows:

Build the front sequence

All locked sequences must have a “front sequence” at the start of the timeline that is formatted to Academy standards. This involves setting the sequence timecode to begin at 00:59:00:00 and building a front sequence that includes 30 seconds of bars-and-tone, 30 seconds of slate, the Academy leader (i.e., the countdown), and the FSU leader.

To begin, locate the front sequence materials on FSUFilmPost. Then using the Source Browser attempt the post them into the front Sequence bin. Make sure your target drive is set to your show volume and the Resolution is set to DNxHD SQ.

When you select import it will through you a few messages you will have to click through before it will give you the option to Link and Transcode them Select “Yes to All”.

Once all your Front Sequence material has been properly imported to a bin as a master clip it will look like this.

Set your sequence to begin at timecode 00:59:00:00. To do this, click in the Record Monitor and Select “Sequence Report”. This will allow you to modify the starting Timecode.

At 00:59:00:00 on the timeline, insert the 30-second bars-and-tone clip from the Front Sequence bin.

At 00:59:30:00 on the timeline, insert a 30-second slate. You’ll need to create the slate yourself, using the title tool in Media Composer. Please keep it professional and include all the pertinent info:

At 01:00:00:00, insert the 8-second countdown from the Front Sequence bin. If everything is put together correctly, the “two-pop” on the countdown leader will fall exactly on 01:00:06:00. (This is very important!)

At 01:00:08:00, insert one of the 8-second FSU leaders from the Front Sequence bin.

At 01:00:16:00, line up the first frame of content to start there.

Your completed front sequence should now look like this:

Add titles and credits

The College has strict requirements for how titles and credits need to be formatted. Before building your titles, read the requirements here.

The finished titles and credits must be in at picture lock and cut into the proper video track.

Condense tracks for color grading

To prep your timeline for coloring your video needs to be condensed onto as few video tracks as possible. It’s understood that, due to the nature of how some video dissolves are built, more than one track is sometimes necessary. The idea is to reduce the amount of tracks and media as much as possible.

Your sequence would go from looking like the example below with video on tracks V1 – V3 that needs to be brought down.

To your sequence looking like the example below with everything consolidated onto one track.

Also make sure that the proper Matte Bars are placed on video track V5.

QC the locked sequence

The Director/Editor should watch the film one last time looking for black frames or other problems. Once your picture is locked it is locked!

Save the project

Lastly, once you are confident that you’re locked sequence is formatted correctly and ready for conforming and turnover, make sure to save your project.