Pod Use on the Stages

Use of the pods must be requested and approved at the initial meeting with the Stage Supervisor. If approved, the following protocols must be observed:

  • Proper hardware must be used for the installation of grip and lighting equipment. All cables and gels must be safely and solidly affixed prior to raising a pod.
  • Nobody may stand under a moving pod.
  • If the operator cannot see the pod or something it might hit, another student must stand where they can see the pod, the possible obstruction, and the operator, in order to assist and guide the operator.
  • The operator must let everyone on stage know of pod movements by speaking loudly enough to be heard by all on the stage, for example: “Pod #1 coming down!”
  • The operator or assisting student must make sure the cables are feeding in or out of the baskets properly, and that the winch cables are moving smoothly into the winch drum groove. If there is any suspicion that a pod may not be moving in a level fashion, or is laboring the motor as it moves, the operator must stop the pod immediately and summon the stage supervisor or set operations manager.
  • The pods are designed to stop 3 feet from the floor and 6 feet from the grid (ceiling). If a pod moves beyond these stops, notify the Stage Supervisor immediately.

Use of the pods for purposes other than hanging grip and lighting equipment requires approval of the Stage Supervisor at the initial stage reservation.