Production Prep (MTH)

The purpose of Production Prep is twofold: 1) to ensure a clear, singular Vision for the film is shared by all departments, and 2) to ensure a cohesive, executable Plan to achieve that vision.

The Director, DP, Production Designer, and Producer must present at Production Prep. The 1st AD is also required to attend and take notes on all faculty concerns and questions. Expect Production Prep to be 2.5 hours.

Join the slack channel #sp22-mth-prodprep to submit a PDF of the latest draft of your script, then click the channel name to leave the channel. Submit a dated draft (preferably lined) with scene numbers, and including revision mode (*) changes since locked “white” draft, due NO LATER THAN 48 hours before the meeting.  (Ex. 10am Wed mtg due by 10am Mon.)

Section I – Present the Vision

15 MINUTES: All Departments present One Vision (WHAT we hope to achieve)

A single visual presentation to show us what we hope to make. Each department submits visuals to the producer who runs slideshow and intros each department in turn for a total of no more than 10 minutes. Please review this as a team before presenting.

  1. Producer (1 min) – introduces title, logline, tone, genre, and ATL members
  2. Director (5 min) – show film references, tone references, music, inspirations
  3. Production Designer (2 min) – show visual references, concept ideas, colors
  4. Cinematographer (2 min) – show visual references, looks, clips

Faculty Q&A (5 min) Faculty asks questions related to the intended vision before moving on to…

Section II – Present the Plan

1 HOUR: Each Department presents The Plan (HOW we hope to achieve)

A separate visual presentation demonstrating achievement of the vision using visuals. By department show the faculty how we will execute. Anticipate potential questions by coordinating beforehand. Get specific, practical, and real-world.

  1. Director (10 min) – show edited D2, any weekend exercise, auditions, etc.
  2. Production Designer (10 min) – show locked location photos, props, wardrobe, world, etc.
  3. Cinematographer (10 min) – show any edited Cine exercise, lighting plan, etc.
  4. Producer (10 min) – show total number of setups, average setups per day, shooting schedule, etc.
  5. Producer (5 min) – bullet point the challenges reported by each department related to the plan

Faculty Q&A (15 min) Faculty asks questions of all departments related to the plan decisions. Be honest about problems so that faculty can offer practical solutions that can help achieve the Vision within scope, budget, schedule, and resources. The 1st AD takes notes for the Action Plan.

Section III – Present Storyboards

1 HOUR: Director presents Storyboards (HOW we hope to achieve)

Show the faculty frame-by-frame how you plan to execute the vision. Stop after each scene for questions. NOTE: Unless boards can be drawn at a professional level, for clarity they must be photoboards, using stand-ins in actual locations in correct aspect ratio (NOT images from Shotdeck).

Section IV – The Action Plan

15 MINUTES: Discuss Action Plan to achieve vision and adjust plan for challenges

The 1st AD will review briefly, by department, any remaining challenges related to the plan for achieving the vision, as well as who will tackle them. (e.g. PD location issues, DP weather issues, Director cast challenges, Producer schedule challenges.) This is the Action Plan.

After the Meeting

Before day’s end, the 1st AD posts the Action Plan to the Production Prep slack channel (same instructions as above).