RED Camera Settings (D1)


  • Resolution: 7K
    • This refers to the amount of the sensor that will be used, not necessarily the resolution of the file being recorded. The 7K resolution ensures that our lenses will project properly onto the sensor.
  • Aspect Ratio: FF
    • The aspect ratio needs to be set to FF (Full Frame). This refers to the aspect ratio of the above resolution, and FF ensures that the recorded file will be 2K (2048×1080).


  • Record File Format: Avid DNxHD/HR
  • Resolution: 2K
    • This refers to the resolution of the recorded file. When you select 2K, confirm that the dimensions are listed as 2048×1080. If the dimensions are listed as something different, check to make sure that the aspect ratio (see above) is set to FF.
  • Video Codec: AppleProRes 444
  • Baked-In Settings: RWG/Log3G10
    • This ensures that the video file will be recorded in Log which allows a bit more leeway in color correction.

Image Pipeline

  • Mode: IPP2
    • This is RED’s latest, recommended color pipeline.
  • Output Color Space: Rec. 709
    Output Tone Map: Medium Contrast
    Highlight Roll-Off: Medium
    • These Output Transforms convert the RED WideGamutRGB/Log3G10 image into a Rec .709 image for onset viewing and will appear correct to your eyes.
  • Output Summary
    • The output summary should appear as above. This is to confirm that the camera will not be recording a R3D file, but an Apple ProRes444 file in RWG/Log3G10.

Frame Guide

  • Mode: 1.85:1
    • The frame guide mode should be set to 1.85:1 unless you are framing for one of the other approved aspect ratios (2.39:1 Scope or 1.375:1 Academy). The frame guides ensure that — while you are recording into a 2K 2048×1080 container, which has an aspect ratio of 1.90:1 — you are actually framing for one of the approved aspect ratios.

Media Card Format

  • File System: UDF
    • The Camera Assistant should check that the RED MAG media card is set to UDF before formatting the card.
  • Reel Number
    • The Reel Number should be reset to “1” at the beginning of each show and then versioned up with every RED MAG change.