Exotic Venomous Reptiles

Safety Bulletin


  1. The Producer shall notify a nearby medical facility, one day prior to use, that a live venomous reptile is to be used in close proximity to personnel, and insure that proper anti-venom is available.
  2. Only personnel essential to the scene will be allowed within a fifty foot (50′) perimeter of the reptile.
  3. A representative of the American Humane Association shall be notified of the use of the venomous reptile.
  4. The snake handler in charge must have a “Prohibited Species Permit” from the State of California Wildlife Protection Department, to be shown if necessary.
  5. Proper protection (i.e., barriers, gloves, adequate leg guards) for cast and crew who have to work closely with the reptile shall be provided.
  6. A stand-by vehicle with driver shall be available to transport in case of an accident while the reptile is out of its cage.

Note: A snake should be milked the same day to remove most of the venom. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) bottles should be on hand. The snake handler should have a snake pincer.

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