Sample Audition Email to Actors

Below is a sample email to send to potential actors during the casting process. Be sure to also attach a character breakdown and a copy of the script (or sides). Also be sure to copy the show’s Producer, so that they have the email for their records.

Dear (actor’s name),

My name is (your name) and I am a film student at the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts. I am casting a short film entitled (film’s title) that shoots on (shooting date). It is the story of (describe the film).

I saw your audition on our casting website and I would love it if you would consider auditioning for the role of (character name). I have attached a casting breakdown and a working copy of the script, along with the pages I would like you to prepare for the audition.

I am hoping to hold auditions on (audition date). If you are unavailable at this time, we can schedule another time that works for you. Please call me at (your cell phone number), or reply to this email if you are interested in auditioning for the role.

Thanks so much for your interest in working with the film school.


Your full name
Your crew position
Your email

Your cell phone number