Slack Channels (D2)

Each show will maintain a Slack channel for the duration of the project. The goal of this channel is to foster and enhance the creative/logistical efficiency of all team members and to share materials with the faculty.

Please follow these instructions for the creation and use of the channel:

  • No later than the beginning of a show’s pre-production time, the Producer must create a Slack channel titled “Prod#-year”. For example: 01D2-2021
  • Producer invites all the creative team members and all faculty associated with pre-production, production, and post-production.
  • Producer posts the latest version of script at the time of channel creation. This will be known as Version 1. Please relabel the document “Prod#-Script Title-Version#”. For example: 01-Flip the Script-Version#1
  • Producer lists all crew members and their roles.
  • The creative then uses the channel to share materials, in accordance with the director’s prep guidelines.