Smoking on Set

This protocol exists to provide provisions for crewmembers who smoke, whilst also protecting locations and other people from cigarette smoke. The PRODUCER on a show is responsible for making sure that these protocols are followed. In all cases, the production shall defer to any local or municipality laws regarding smoking, such as the Smoking Regulations for the State of Florida.

Location Shoots

During pre-production, the Producer is responsible for requesting permission from the location owner for crewmembers to smoke during the production.

If the location owner agrees to smoking occurring at (or nearby) the location, the Producer and location owner will agree to a set of parameters about where smoking can and cannot occur. Under no circumstances can smoking occur within 150-feet of camera, craft services, video village, production vehicles, or any other work area.

During production:

  • The Producer is responsible for providing a cigarette can.
  • The Producer is also responsible for making sure that crewmembers are aware of, and are following, the smoking agreement at the location. This information should be included on the call sheet.
  • If a BTL crewmember would like to request a smoking break during the day, it must be approved by the department head. If a department head would like to request a smoking break, it must be approved by the 1st Assistant Director.
  • At the end of day, the Producer is responsible for making sure that there is no remaining cigarette waste at the location.

If a location owner does not agree to smoking occurring at or nearby the location, smoking is prohibited at that location.

Sound Stage Shoots

Cigarette smoking is prohibited anywhere on campus. Therefore, for any production that shoots on the school’s sound stages, cigarette smoking is prohibited.