VFX Delivery and Quality Control

Once a shot is set to “Approved” (i.e., the Director feels it is ready to go in the film):

  1. In Shotgun, make sure to set the shot and version to Approved.
  2. Render DPXs of the approved version to your local machine. This process should be done each time you approve a shot, not at the end of your schedule. Save to: Show##_FilmName/06_Post_Production/Comp/Renders/Comp_Rend/Shot##/DPX/Vers#
  3. Confirm you have rendered the correct number of frames.
  4. Copy the rendered frames from the local machine to the equivalent folder on the CMPA_data server: Show##_FilmName/06_Post_Production/Comp/Renders/Comp_Rend/Shot##/DPX/Vers#

Quality Control (QC)

At this point, you are ready to “QC” your work. This is the process of checking the technical quality of the final frames, in detail and on a big screen. At each QC session, the Director, the Digital Coordinator, and Supervising Faculty will be present.

Utilizing the specialized toolset available in RV, the goal is to examine closely the integration of elements in a composite — by comparing the black levels, white levels, gamma levels, and grain of the composited shot — to ensure that all of the above are compatible in all RGB channels.

Colorspace Settings in RV

When bringing footage into RV, be sure to set the colorspace settings to Rec709:

  • From the COLOR pull-down (top of screen), select Rec709.
  • From the VIEW pull-down (top of screen), select Rec709.
  • From the MONITOR SELECTOR (top of screen, far right), select Rec709.

Examining Composites in RV

You can compare composites in the individual color channels which will enable you to detect unwanted fringing at edges of mattes/keys and compare the overall matching of blacks/whites/gamma.

Keyboard shortcuts for viewing individual color channels:

  • R – red
  • G – green
  • B – blue
  • C – return to viewing all channels again

Keyboard shortcuts for viewing gamma, hue, contrast:

  • Y – gamma
  • H – hue
  • K – contrast
  • SHIFT+HOME – reset default value

Final Delivery

After the QC session, if any shots need to be re-rendered for any reason, repeat this process. Any shots that pass QC will move onto final delivery, as follows.

  1. Move finalized frames to the appropriate “final shots” folder on the CMPA_data server: /Show##_FilmName/06_Post_Production/Deliverables/Final_Shots/Shot_##_Vers
  2. In Shotgun, set status of shot and version to Delivered.
  3. Once all shots are moved to the “final shots” folder, send an email to faculty confirming that your show is ready for re-conform. Use the following subject line example for the email: Show##-FilmTitle Ready for Re-conform.
  4. You will cut in final VFX shots during a scheduled re-conform session. Refer to the post schedule for session times.
  5. Once all shots are in your edit and confirmed, email faculty and the digital coordinator that your VFX are delivered. Use the following subject line example for the email: Show##-FilmTitle VFX Delivered