These instructions describe how to upload video files from Premiere Pro to The easiest and cleanest method is to use the extension within Premiere Pro. If you run into any problems with the extension, however, you can use an alternative method of uploading to via a web browser.

Prepare for export

In Premiere, double check that you have an appropriate front-sequence for the work you’re about to upload (e.g., slate, countdown, film school leader).

In Premiere, make sure that the sequence is named correctly. For example, if the file needs to appear as lastname_wp1 in, make sure the Premiere sequence is also named lastname_wp1. (If you forget to do this, you can rename the file in, but it’s an extra step that you’ll need to remember to do.)

In Premiere, click on the “Window” drop down menu at the top of the screen and select Extensions >

Enter your username and password. (Note that on certain lab computers, you may first need to log out of if a previous user had neglected to do so.)

Select the appropriate project from the sidebar (e.g., 2018_BFA_Filmmaking_1) and then select select the appropriate folder for the work you’re about to upload (e.g., Track_1 > WP1):

Export and upload to

In the extension, click on the “Upload” tab and select Upload Active Sequence… from the drop down menu:

A menu will appear like the one below. Unless there’s a specific reason to change something, use the following settings, then hit Upload.

  • Format: Web 720
  • Render: Whole Sequence 
  • Render to: Set the Custom Folder to your show’s export folder on your computer’s local media drive
  • Leave the check boxes checked

It will automatically launch Adobe Media Encoder to do the exporting:

Adobe Media Encoder will start exporting your sequence to the folder you selected on your local media drive:

The extension in Premiere will show the progress:

Once Adobe Media Encoder is finished exporting your sequence, it will automatically begin uploading the export to This is usually a very quick process; if it looks like the upload is stalled, cancel the upload and try again. 

When the upload is complete, it will look like this:

Quality-check the upload in

Double click on the thumbnail to open your export in the viewer window and watch the whole thing to make sure it is work you want to screen.

If for some reason you find a mistake and you want to export out another sequence, right-click on the thumbnail and select Delete:

A warning box will appear, asking if you are sure. Click Do it:

Fix your sequence in Premiere and then repeat the process.

Alternative method: Upload via web browser

If you run into problems trying to get the extension working within Premiere, it is possible to bypass the the extension and upload to manually.

Prep your Premiere sequence for export and then, instead of using the extension, click on “File” from the top drop down menu and select Export > Media… The Export panel in Premiere will open.

It is very important that you keep the file size of your export small, because it’s going up on the web and there’s a finite amount of space available on, so be sure to input the following settings before you hit Export:

  • Format: H.264
  • Preset: Vimeo 720p HD
  • Output Name: Click to set the appropriate export destination

After your export is finished, log in to using a web browser.

Navigate to the project and folder within where your export needs to be delivered. Go to the upload box and click select:

In the Finder window that opens, navigate to the file you just exported from Premiere and select Choose.

Your file will now upload to Once it’s finished uploading, watch it through in to check for errors.