Weekend Projects

COVID-19 Protocols

Physical distancing

All cast and crew members must maintain a social distance of six feet from one another at all times, including actors during takes. The only exception to this will be if crew members must be closer than six feet apart for a specific technical operation. In such situations, the physical proximity should be kept to a minimum duration and an extra level of protection should be considered, such as a face-shield or a plexiglass divider.


Mask-wearing is required indoors at all times and outdoors when physical distancing is not possible. This applies to all cast and crew. Even if you are working with your roommates and do not wear masks at home, the second you begin working on an FSUFILM project (such as a class exercise or weekend project) you are “at work” and required to follow all safety protocols. The only exception is that actors may remove their masks when they are on camera, during takes only.


You are permitted to film at locations outside of your home and beyond your property as long as you follow the requirements of the local health department and so long as there will be more than 20 people gathered. You also must get permission to film on any property other than your own. 

School Equipment

If school equipment is issued for a weekend exercise, you must clean it at check-out, following the cleaning protocols issued by the Equipment Room. Then you must clean it again when the equipment is returned (or prior to being handed off to another student).

School Facilities

There will be no usage of film school facilities for weekend exercises unless it is deemed essential and specifically authorized by the Dean.

Green Light from Instructor

Prior to filming any class exercises, weekend projects or productions, students must present a safety plan to their faculty member demonstrating that the shoot follows the policies above.