1st AD Responsibilities


  • Break down the script and create the Production Schedule.
  • Organize the Tech Scout for each location with at least the ATL. Establish where the restrooms, parking, staging, base camp and set will be.
  • Run the Production Meeting by reading the action of the script. Answer crewmembers’ questions.
  • Create a Setup Schedule with the DP.
  • Approve the Call Sheet and have 2nd AD distribute copies
  • Check the weather periodically to monitor adverse conditions. Have a back-up plan.
  • Double check every logistical piece of information and make sure nothing has been forgotten.

Production days

Start of day:

  • Arrive at set 30 minutes to an hour early and immediately establish contact with the location owner to make sure everything is still going as planned. Check back with them periodically throughout the day as needed.
  • Get a walkie from the 2nd AD, then go stand where the set will be and stay there. Radio 2nd AD to bring you whatever you need.
  • At call time, have a Safety Meeting with the entire crew to communicate an emergency plan, location hazards and any production safety concerns. Complete the Safety Meeting Report for each location, each day.

Throughout the day:

  • Run through the 1st AD Set Procedure: Block, New Deal, Build, Rehearse, Shoot
  • Manage the time on the set by keeping up with the Setup Schedule. Adjust schedule as needed.
  • Look ahead to next set-ups and make sure departments are prepared and working ahead.

End of day: