Approval Process for Distant Locations


Documentaries are permitted to shoot at distant locations within the contiguous United States. Permission to travel must be attained in advance from the Documentary development instructor.


BFA and MFA thesis films may also request permission to shoot at a distant location outside of the studio zone. Due to the added complexity of shooting thesis films at distant locations and the added wear-and-tear on school equipment, approval will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Students will need to present a thorough case to faculty that addresses the following:

  1. Why this location is essential to the success of the film.
  2. A budget/plan for transporting, housing, and feeding the cast and crew for the duration of the distant shoot.
  3. A budget/plan for transporting, housing, and feeding a faculty member for the duration of the distant shoot.
  4. A budget/plan for transporting, parking, and securely managing school vehicles and equipment during the distant shoot.
  5. A back-up plan for if the camera or other mission-critical equipment go down.
  6. A schedule showing key deadlines for locking locations, securing accommodations, and any other critical plans. Permission for shooting at a distant location will be revoked if these deadlines are not hit, and the production will need to shoot locally.
  7. A schedule of travel days and drive times during the production week.
  8. A local back-up plan, in case permission is not granted and/or the distant location falls through.

The request to shoot at a distant location should be made as early as possible in the development/pre-production process, and no later than two weeks before the first day of production on the show. Approval must be received from the people:

  1. Director’s Prep Faculty
  2. Head of Set Operations (David Wiley)
  3. Head of Production (Tony Ciarlariello)
  4. Associate Dean (Andrew Syder)