BTH Budgets

Lunch & craft

For each live action show, a dollar amount is provided for every assigned crew member, plus two actors and one volunteer:

  • $8.00 per head lunch catering for 15 crew members and 3 actors or volunteers (18 people total ): $144.00 per day.
  • $3.00 per head craft service for 15 crew members and 3 actors or volunteers (18 people total): $54.00 per day.
Single3 days$594.00
Double6 days$1,188.00

The amount of money allocated to each film is a set amount. It does not shrink if the crew gets smaller and it does not increase if you add volunteer crew or actors. This amount is allocated as part of the necessary budget the school provides, based on the scope of the production.

Food budgets are allocated to live action productions only and are considered part of the “Provided Production Costs” because meal time is regulated and crew members are not allowed to leave set.

You may use the total funds for food in any way you wish, as long as it goes only to catering and craft service. This is a “use-it-or-lose-it” budget.

Spark funds

Each cohort of thesis students is permitted to run a collective, “friends-and-family” fundraising campaign for supplemental expenses on thesis productions. All funds raised through Spark will be distributed evenly amongst each student in the class.

All messaging in the fundraising campaign must be approved by the Dean. Students are expressly forbidden from soliciting directly from existing donors to the school. If in doubt, check with the Dean’s Office first before reaching out to the individual. 

The school reserves the right to shut down the Spark campaign if any of these policies are violated.

Matching funds

The school will match the first $2,500 that the class raises in the Spark friends-and-family campaign. The distribution of these matching funds will be based on pitches that address how additional funding will add value to the project. An MFA student panel will hear the pitches and determine how the matching funds will be distributed among the shows, based on the strength of the pitches and the needs of the individual shows.