Comprehensive Exam

Through a Comprehensive Exam that is administered each semester, students are required to uphold a professional code of conduct in all coursework and filmmaking activities. This includes but is not limited to student conduct during CMPA classes and workshops, special events and screenings, meetings with faculty, meetings with community members and locations, as well as during the full range of production and post-production activities (e.g. director’s prep, equipment check-in/check-out, activities on location as well as in cut screenings, mix sessions, computer labs, etc.).

Evaluation process

A faculty committee assesses each student’s proficiency in professionalism. The faculty committee is comprised of all the instructors of the student’s required major courses during the evaluating semester. The committee meets to conduct a midterm review and final semester review of each student’s professionalism. Following the midterm review, students will be informed of their progress. If applicable, the faculty will provide the student with suggestions and/or corrective actions needed to pass the Comprehensive Exam. If a student begins to exhibit unprofessional behavior after the midterm review, the faculty reserves the right to fail the student on the Exam without warning, even if he/she received a positive midterm review.

A student who receives a final grade of Unsatisfactory will be placed on probation for the subsequent semester and given an action plan for improvement. Failure to improve will result in dismissal from the College.

In their first year, students must also pass the Comprehensive Exam a minimum of TWO times in order to remain in the College. For example, failing the exam in the Fall, passing in the Spring, and then failing it again the Summer would result in dismissal from the College.

Please also note that, in accordance with the FSU General Bulletin, students can be dismissed from the program without any prior period of probation:

Professional behavior is expected of film majors at all times. Therefore, behavior so negative, disruptive, or destructive as to compromise the work of fellow students or the effectiveness of the faculty and/or inability to work positively in a collaborative environment shall constitute grounds for probation or immediate dismissal without any prior period of probation. 

Evaluation criteria

SATISFACTORY: A faculty score of “Satisfactory” in five or more areas of Professionalism. (see rubric below)

UNSATISFACTORY: A faculty score of “Below Satisfactory” in two or more areas of Professionalism OR a faculty score of “Unsatisfactory” in one or more areas of Professionalism. (see rubric below)

Assessment rubric