Daily Production

COVID-19 Protocols

Call Sheets

  • Pertinent COVID-19 safety information must be distributed with the call sheet.
  • If the location requires any specific COVID safety protocols (e.g., mandatory use of face-coverings), this information should be distributed with the call sheet as well.

Daily Wellness Check

  • All students are encouraged to monitor their own health before leaving for set, using FSU’s Daily Wellness Check app.

Morning Meeting

  • The morning meeting should include any applicable COVID safety announcements.


  • 1D clears set of all non-essential crew.
  • 2D brings First Team to set.
  • 1D announces at the set is now Zone A.
  • It is recommended that actors where masks during rehearsals.

Going for Picture

  • Immediately prior to “Action”, if masks are being worn by actors are being deployed, a callout for “MASKS OFF” should be added. 
  • For “MASKS OFF”, the actors remove their own mask.
  • If hair and makeup needs to make an adjustment due to the masks, this should occur swiftly at this moment.
  • Immediately after “Cut”, add a callout for “MASKS ON”.
  • If DR wants to go again quickly, and actors consent, masks can stay off between takes.


  • Craft service and lunch tables are permissible.
  • Since masks need to be off for eating, extra precaution should be taken. Eating outside is recommended.

Company Wrap

  • 2D keeps access to location restricted until last crew member has left.