University Expectations

COVID-19 Protocols

The Florida Board of Governors and the entire State University System, which includes Florida State University, expects all members of our campus community to do their part to ensure a safe and successful fall semester.

All of us at Florida State University have an obligation to prevent further transmission of COVID-19. We are in this together, and each and every one of us plays an important role in furthering the health and safety of ourselves, our neighbors and our loved ones.

To be clear:

  • MASKS: We expect everyone to wear a face covering or mask at all times when inside any FSU facility, even if you are vaccinated. This includes all of our students, faculty, staff, vendors and visitors. Recent studies and guidance from the CDC state that both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals can transmit the current COVID-19 variant to unvaccinated persons. We expect you to help mitigate the spread by wearing a mask.
  • VACCINATION: We expect everyone to be vaccinated against COVID-19, even if you’ve had COVID-19 in the past. Please visit for walk-in clinic dates and hours at the Tucker Center in Tallahassee or to locate a COVID-19 vaccine provider near you.
  • HEALTH-MONITORING: We expect you to stay home when sick, self-quarantine and get tested for COVID-19 no sooner than 24 hours after your symptoms begin. You can test for no cost at the Tucker Center. Schedule your test at
  • HAND-WASHING: And finally, we expect you to continue to practice good hygiene habits such as washing your hands frequently.

Together, we can slow the spread of this virus and enjoy a fulfilling, successful campus experience during the upcoming academic year.

Thank you.