Crew Drills (D1)

The purpose of the crew drills is to practice working in each of the crew positions. (Don’t get too caught up on trying to make the “perfect” scene. Keep it really simple.)

Crew responsibilities



  • Prior to the crew drills, coordinate craft services shopping with the MFA2 mentors. This could be done as early as the weekend prior to the start of the crew drills, or as late as the evening prior to each day’s crew drill.
  • Prepare all paperwork according to the Crew Drill Production Documents (see below).
  • Send out a Call Sheet by 7:00pm the day before the drill; include a map to the Soundstage, and a Set Diagram.
  • Create a Setup Schedule with the DP. Must start with 1 master dolly setup and include 4 coverage setups.


During the shift:

  • At call time, have a Safety Meeting with the entire crew to communicate an emergency plan, location hazards and any production safety concerns. Have a Shop Steward (Script Supervisor) complete the Safety Meeting Report
  • Run the set, following the 1st AD Protocol, making sure the crew is working safely and efficiently.
  • The production will have 3 hours to unload the truck, block, rehearse, build, shoot, and wrap.
    • New Deal 0:25
    • Camera in position 1:00
    • Lighting complete 1:15
    • Start Shooting 1:30
    • Camera Wrap 2:30
    • Company Wrap 3:00
  • Keep track of your time using the Setup Schedule you created.

During Company Wrap:

  • At Camera Wrap, make sure crew wraps safely and efficiently. Make sure to have Company Wrap on time.
  • Collect all the Daily Production Paperwork and Camera Card from the 2nd AD.
  • Delivery Camera Report and Camera Card to the cubby in the Post Hall ingest room. Be sure to scan a copy of the Camera Report first for your delivery.


  • Complete the Daily Production Report (DPR) and post to #dpr Slack channel as a PDF by 10:00pm that day.
  • Upload Crew Drill Production Documents (see below) to the production delivery folder in OneDrive (Tony will email you a link to this shared folder). Make sure you put it in the Crew Drill folders by 9:00am on the Monday following the Crew Drills.


  • Send your Producer a PDF of your Crew Drill Script.
  • You will use a scene (or part of a scene) from your D1 script for this crew drill. The script must meet the following criteria (make up a crew drill version if necessary):
    • Must be no less than 1 full page, and no more than 2 pages in length
    • Must only have 2 characters (no more, no less)
    • Must have dialog (so the Sound Mixer can practice recording it)
    • Keep it simple (no stunts, weapons, complicated SFX, etc.)
  • Cast actors to play the characters in your script. This could be your actual Theatre School actors if they are available, or your classmates who are not scheduled during your crew drill.
  • Discuss the shot design with your DP.
    • The first shot of the drill must be a Master Shot on the dolly. Subsequent coverage is up to you.


  • At the beginning of the shift, briefly block with your actors on the set (keep it simple).
  • During the New Deal, have the actors demonstrate the blocking for the crew.
  • Direct your actors in the scene.
Production Designer


  • Discuss the production design with your Director (keep it simple).
  • Acquire props, wardrobe, etc (only if absolutely necessary).


  • Dress the set, provide props & wardrobe if necessary.
Director of Photography


  • Discuss the shot design with your Director.
  • Create a Setup Schedule with the 1st AD. Must start with 1 master dolly setup and include 4 coverage setups.


  • Communicate the setups to the crew.
  • Manage the Camera, Grip & Electric Departments.
  • Operate camera.
2nd AD


At the beginning of the shift:

  • Have crew sign in using the iPad timeclock.
  • Hand out walkies to department heads.

During the shift:

  • Have Actors sign Performance Agreements.
  • Set up and maintain the craft services table.
  • Remain in Green Room with the Actors, except to escort them to/from set at 1st AD’s request.
  • During a setup, remain outside the stage doors to make sure no one enters during a take.

At the end of the shift:

  • Complete the Performers Time Report. Have the Actors sign it.
  • Have crew sign out using the iPad timeclock.
  • Collect walkies and put them back on charger.
All Other BTL


  • Work with MFA2 mentors and/or Faculty in your assigned positions.

Production documents

Below is the list of documents needed for the Crew Drills.


  • Camera Reports 01d1-CameraReports.pdf
  • Script Supervisor Reports (export from ScriptE):
    • Clip Bin File – Avid 01d1-ClipBin.txt (deliver txt file, not pdf)
    • Editor’s Log – Red Camera Sorted by Order Shot 01d1-EditorsLog.pdf
    • Facing Pages and Lined Script 01d1-FacingPages_LinedScript.pdf
    • Photo Coverage 01d1-PhotoCoverage.pdf
    • Progress Report 01d1-ProgressReport.pdf