As a required part of the College curriculum, each student will perform a variety of on-set and off-set crew positions. It is the primary mission of the College to provide a level playing field for all students, so that they have an opportunity to perform a variety of crew positions for the purpose of their education. Students performing these crew positions are doing so for the primary purpose of their education, with a secondary purpose to provide support for production.

Students are required — and have the right — to perform each of these jobs regardless of their actual or perceived skill level.

Only students enrolled in the College of Motion Picture Arts may hold a faculty-assigned crew position. At no time may a non-member of the College perform, supervise, or take over any faculty-assigned crew position.

Any student who takes over another student’s job, who switches jobs without prior approval of the Head of Production (HOP), who refuses to work on assigned responsibilities, or who refuses another student the right to perform their assigned job will be in violation of FSU’s Academic Honor Policy and the College’s Professional Code of Conduct and may be placed on immediate probation or dismissed from the program without advance notice.

Evaluation of student performance for the purpose of grades or disciplinary action is the sole right and function of the College faculty and staff.

Crew grids

For each production cycle, crew grids are created by the Associate Dean, approved by the faculty, and updated and distributed by the Head of Production. The crew grids plot out crew positions and production dates for the cycle and are designed to provide equal access to time and resources for each student, in accordance with the College’s level playing field philosophy.

The crew grid for a specific production cycle is subject to change from year-to-year, due to changes that inevitably occur in curriculum, equipment, or the number of students in a given cohort.

Crewing process

The HOP will give the crew grid and crewing parameters to a cohort’s student reps and a time for crewing will be placed on the schedule.

The student reps will explain the parameters and administer the crewing process according to the HOP’s instructions and their own judgment. The reps will be responsible for handling all issues and for delivering a completed grid to the HOP for final approval. If there are mistakes in the grid or revisions are needed, the HOP may send the grid back to the reps for revision. 

After the HOP approves the crew grid, the administration will release the grid to students. If subsequent changes are then made to the grid, the administration will release colored revisions to students.