D1 Specs

Content specs

Page count1 page (minimum)
2 pages (maximum)
Story runtime1:30 (minimum)
2:30 (maximum)
Credits runtime1:08
Total runtime2:38 (minimum)
3:38 (maximum)
Quantity of scenes2 scenes (no more, no less; story must take place between dawn and dusk on a single day)
Quantity of locationsTwo separate spaces within one physical location
Quantity of characters2 characters
StuntsNothing that would typically call for a stunt coordinator
IntimacyNothing that would require a closed set or typically call for an intimacy coordinator

Production specs

Shooting days1 day
Length of workday10-12 hours
Earliest call time7:00 AM
Latest wrap time9:00 PM
Night shootsNo
Locations per day1 location
Distance to locationWithin the studio zone
Pick-up daysNo

Capture specs

Camera packageRED
Frame rate24.000p
Sensor mode7K FF
Capture resolution2048 x 1080 (2K)
Capture aspect ratio1.90:1
Approved mattes1:85:1
Capture formatMOV
CodecProRes 4444 HQ
Gamma/color spaceRWG / Log3G10
Color processingIPP2
Output color spaceRec. 709
Output tone mapMedium Contrast
Highlight roll-offMedium
Sampling4:4:4 12-bit
Bitrate302 Mbps (VBR)

Data allocation

Pages per day2 pages
Shooting ratio20:1
Data rate2.6 GB/minute
Data per page52 GB
Data per day104 GB
Time for Wild Lines/Room Tone5 minutes
Data for Wild Lines/Room Tone13 GB
Total data117 GB
Dailies per day45 minutes
Total dailies45 minutes


Picture Edit

Pic edit softwareMedia Composer
Pic edit days4 days
Pic edit locationPost Hall


Production soundSingle system
Sound design softwareProTools
Sound design days3 days
Sound design locationPost Hall
Sound mix daysNot applicable
Sound mix locationNot applicable

Visual Effects

VFX scopeNo visual effects
VFX softwareNot applicable
VFX daysNot applicable
VFX locationNot applicable


Coloring softwareDaVinci Resolve
Coloring days0.5 days
Coloring locationPost Hall