Equipment Availability

Students are given access to industry-standard, professional film equipment and students are treated as professional filmmakers regarding to the care, maintenance, and responsible use of the equipment. Equipment policies are in place not only to teach the student how the professional film industry operates, but also to maintain the long-term viability of the College’s equipment.

One of the unique aspects of the College is that students do not have to stand in line to reserve equipment under a first come/first served policy. As part of the level playing field philosophy, every student production will have exactly the same base equipment package as every other production during that specific production cycle. This equipment package will be prepared for student check-out, and the check-out period scheduled as a part of the normal schedule. This insures equal access to the required equipment and equal time to inspect the state of the equipment being checked in or out.

It is a common misconception that just because the College owns a piece of equipment it is automatically available to any student who wants it whenever they want it. The lockstep nature of the curriculum, the different levels of productions, and the different requirements of the degree programs necessitate an availability policy.

Complexity of Equipment: Some equipment requires advance training outside of the normal class and/or workshop schedule. This equipment is also typically reserved for the more advanced projects, and only to those students who have taken the extra time to become trained on that equipment set-up and operation.

Degree Program Requirements: The curricular requirements of BFA and MFA programs are not the same. In some circumstances the use of certain equipment may be restricted to only one degree program. The level playing field ideology applies only within a degree plan.

Other Uses: The equipment and facilities are exclusively for use by College of Motion Picture Arts students and faculty on official FSU films and workshops. Use of the equipment for any other use must be approved by the Associate Dean and can never interfere with the established curriculum.