EVA1 Module 2: Battery Build

Keith demonstrates how to operate the battery charger for the EVA1 camera.


Okay, let’s talk about building the different parts of the camera package.

This is the battery charger module, the AC power supply for the charger, and the power cable for the AC power supply, and the batteries.

Take the module, take your AC supply, plug it into there. Then you take your power cable, plug into your AC power supply. Plug it into the wall, or in this case a stinger, and that’s all there is to it.

Now to charge the batteries, take a couple of them out. There’s little copper threads down at the bottom of this charger and there’s a little copper matching threads here. So you want to just put the battery kind of in the middle, then just slide down. The sliding does not take very much at all. It’s surprisingly little effort to get these in. There, it just really is like maybe a millimeter. And if I’m powered up here you should see some green lights. This one is charging, because it’s not quite full, and that’s all there is to it.