F3 Specs

Live ActionAnimation

Writing specs

Page count:6 pages
Quantity of locations:As you write, plan for shooting at no more than two physical locations (one per shooting day).
Quantity of characters:No restrictions, but but be mindful of COVID safety concerns for actors.
Visual effects:Yes – but be mindful that there will only be a couple of weeks for visual effects in the schedule, so keep the scope in check.
Sexual intimacy:Yes – but an intimacy coordinator may be required for certain scenes.
COVID restrictions:No blanket restrictions on writing, but be mindful of tips for writing during a pandemic and a COVID script breakdown will be required on an early draft to anticipate safety concerns.

Production specs

Locations per day:1 location per day
Distance to locations:Must be within the studio zone
Shooting days:2 days
Pick-up days:No
Length of workday:12 hours, plus an hour for lunch
Earliest call time:6:00AM
Latest wrap time:12:00PM
FIST agreement:Yes
COVID protocols:Yes

Data allocation

Final page count:6 pages
Shooting days:2 days
Pages per day:3 pages
Shooting ratio:20:1
Max. dailies per day:60 minutes
Data rate:2.6 GB/minute
Max. data per page:52 GB
Max. data per day:156 GB
Max dailies length 120 minutes
Max dailies size312 GB

Capture settings

Camera package:RED
Frame rate:24.000 fps
Record file format:ProRes 4444 HQ
Resolution:2K (2048×1080)
Video codec:ProRes 4444 HQ
Baked-in settings:All image settings (Rec. 709 / SDR)
Output color space:Rec. 709
Output tone map:Medium Contrast
Highlight roll-off:Medium

Picture Edit specs

Pic edit location:Post Hall
Pic edit software:Media Composer
Pic edit days:7 days
Max. story content:6:30
Max. credits:1:00
Max. TRT:7:30

Sound specs

Sound design location:Post Hall
Sound design software:ProTools
Sound design days:7 days
Sound mix:3 hours

Visual Effects specs

VFX software:Variable
VFX days:Variable — with a maximum of two weeks for each show

Coloring specs

Coloring software:DaVinci Resolve
Coloring days:1 day

Project Specs

Page count:0.5 page
Previz duration:24 seconds
Max. number of assets:4 assets
Max. number of characters:1 character
Max. number of shots:16 shots
Max. seconds of motion:30 seconds
Final content duration:30 seconds
Credits duration:30 seconds
Final TRT:60 seconds

Production Schedule

Development8 weeks
Previz6 weeks
Model3 weeks
Texture1 week
Animate4 weeks
Light2 weeks
Render2 weeks
Comp1 week
CBB1 week
Sound Design1 week
Sound Mix3 hours