Ingest Media

The Script Supervisor / Editor will collect the media cards and camera reports at the end of the shooting day at Critchfield Hall.

Back at school use suites 11 and 12 on the post hall to offload the media to the server. You can access the post hall through the lobby, going up the stairs and turning left. Once on the post hall the suites are all the way down on the right. Those two suites have been set aside for D1 ingesting and no one else will be using them.

Track 1 Editors should use suite 11.

Track 2 Editors should use Suite 12.

Use the attached card readers to offload camera and sound media to the server in the appropriate show folder. Please remove the tape from the cards indicating that media is present on them before inserting them into the readers.

Once the media is safely on the server the Editor should also copy it to there own personal hard drive so they will have it for when they sync and edit at home.

Finally, once the media is on the server AND on your own hard drive upload the media to using the transfer application so the Director can access it remotely as well.

You also need to upload the sound report and camera report to your project as well. The sound report is a .csv file and can be found in the in the folder you offloaded from the sound card. Uploaded it to the Reports folder.

The camera report is paper so to upload it to simply take legible picture of it, rename the file your show#_Camera_Report and then upload that to the reports folder on as well.

The Script Supervisor will have already uploaded those reports to so when everything is up it will look like this.

When your all done please leave the media cards in the cases on the desk in the suite. The Post Staff will collect them and return the now empty cards to the Head of Production.

On Tuesdays all the Script Supervisors / Editors from the previous week will sync dailies on their own computers. Ian will meet with you over zoom to walk you through the process remotely. Track 1 will met with Ian at 2:15pm and Track 2 will meet with Ian at 9:00am.