Orientation Guidebook


Congratulations on earning a spot at the FSU film school! We’re very excited to see the stories you’ll be cooking up over the next few years.

The FSUFILM Handbook (which you are currently reading) serves as an information hub for the work you’ll be doing at the school. Feel free to bookmark this page, which provides guidance on matters related to orientation and onboarding. We ask that you read through all the information connected to this page, and complete all assigned tasks, before the start of orientation in August.

Getting Ready

To begin your preparation for orientation and the upcoming school year, please read these guides:

  1. Preparing for Orientation – This page provides information on how to prepare for orientation in August. A more detailed itinerary for orientation will be posted here in early August.
  2. Required Personal Items – Each student is required to have a set of personal items for use in classes and film productions. Please acquire all these items before the start of film school orientation.

At the beginning of July, please also keep an eye on your email inbox for onboarding messages that will include additional tasks for you to complete before orientation. These will include: joining the college’s Slack workspace; communicating dietary restrictions; and completing onboarding paperwork.

School Policies

Below is some information about the mission and policies of the school. All new students are required to read these policies before the start of orientation in August. To ensure that everyone is familiar with this information, there will be a quiz and and you will be asked to sign a document that you acknowledge and agree to these policies.