Pick-Up Photography Request

Production Paperwork


Pick-up photography is defined as any photography taken after completion of principal photography in order to enhance the narrative.

On the BFA and MFA Thesis cycles, students may make a request for pick-up photography to improve moments in the film that were not captured successfully during principal photography. Pick-up requests may not be made for additional moments or scenes that were not part of the original shooting plan. Requests for pick-up photography must include:

  • the exact nature of the subject matter to be shot;
  • the reason why it was not shot with the first unit crew during principal photography;
  • the date, times, and location of the proposed shoot;
  • a summary of the plan for the pick-up shoot, including any equipment requests and budgetary considerations;
  • the crew required for the proposed shoot, including names and signatures (you’ll need to determine how many crew members you need and you’ll need to recruit them);
  • any other supporting documentation.

No show will be approved for more than six hours of pick-up photography. And all pick-up photography will need to be completed and cut into the edit before picture lock. In some cases, this may mean that the turnaround time for pick-up photography is tight, so students will need to be diligent and proactive if they want to put in a request.

Since pick-up photography involves time and resources, requests will not be approved automatically. Approvals will only be granted if the time and resources are available and if students make a compelling case for the value of the pick-ups to the film (including proof that you can’t solve the problem with careful editing choices). In other words, they are a privilege to be earned.