Preparing for Orientation

New student orientation for new students is held Monday August 15th through Wednesday August 17th. It’s three full days of workshops and breakout sessions, so be prepared to work!

The primary goal of orientation is to give students a preview of the creative, collaborative, hands-on culture at the film school. It’s also a “pre-flight check” to make sure that all onboarding paperwork has been squared away and that students have acquired all the correct gear they will need for a smooth start to the year.


  1. Make sure you have all the technology and production tools from the list of required personal items. You’ll need them for orientation.
  2. Make sure you have your Driver’s License and Social Security card. If you don’t have an original Social Security card, you should go ahead and apply for a duplicate card ASAP.
  3. Make sure you have accident and health insurance that is compliant with FSU policies. Proof of insurance is required before orientation (and before registration each semester). If you’ve not already done so, you must either purchase health insurance or waive the requirement by entering in your insurance information on the FSU Student Health Insurance webpage.
  4. Read the Orientation Guidebook section of the FSUFILM handbook, which includes information about our mission and values, how we schedule classes, the ownership of student films, and our Professional Code of Conduct. We will address each of these areas during orientation, but please come to orientation familiar with the policies and ready with questions.


  1. Wear sturdy closed-toe shoes. Boots are ideal. Tennis shoes are fine. Flip-flops, sandals, ballet flats, and shoes that don’t provide protection for your whole foot are not appropriate.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes that you can physically work in. Layers are good because it can get hot on the sound stages but be cold in our classrooms.
  3. Bring all the technology and production tools from the list of required personal items. This gear will be checked on the first day of orientation to ensure you have what you need for classes.
  4. Bring a bag or backpack to keep your items in, along with a pen and paper.