Producer Responsibilities (D1)


  • Meet with the Head of Production to discuss the project you are producing.
  • Complete a Location Agreement and Shooting Plan with the Head of Production for the space(s) at Critchfield you intend to use.
  • Organize the Tech Scout of the location with the ATL. Establish where the restrooms, parking, staging, base camp and set will be. Complete a Location Hazard Assessment Checklist. If any location hazards, then also complete a Hazard Notification Report.
  • Have each actor sign a Performance Agreement.
  • Break down the script and create the Production Schedule in Scenechronize.
  • Create a Setup Schedule with the DP.
  • Prepare all scheduling information and other materials required for Directors Prep.
  • Attend Directors Prep and takes notes for the Director.
  • Assist the Director with any and all logistical needs to prepare for principal photography.
  • Run the Production Meeting by reading the action of the script. Answer crew members’ questions. Have each crew member sign a Crew Deal Memo.
  • Prepare all the paperwork needed on set.
  • Check the weather periodically to monitor adverse conditions. Have a back-up plan.
  • Pick up Craft Services by the night before production.
  • Have a Greenlight Meeting with the Head of Production, during which you will:
    • Show all completed Location Documents.
    • Follow through on any questions that were brought up in the previous Producer Meeting.
  • Following the D1 Handoff Chart, pick up the pertinent items from the Equipment Room.
  • Double check every logistical piece of information and make sure nothing has been forgotten.
  • Create the Call Sheet, including a map, and email it no later than 12hrs before call time.

On Set


  • Arrive at set FIRST, 30 minutes to an hour early.
  • Establish Base Camp.
    • Set up Zone B Checkpoint with Walkies, Production iPad, and forehead thermometer where crew will check in when they arrive.
    • Set up Craft Service table where crew will collect their snacks during check in.
  • When trucks arrive, verify they are parking in the correct place.
  • As crew members arrive, take their forehead temperature, check them in using the Production iPad, and hand them a walkie.
  • Give the Script Supe laptop to the Script Supe.
  • At call time, have a Safety Meeting with the entire crew. Complete the Safety Meeting Report.


  • Run through the 1st AD Set Procedure: Block, New Deal, Build, Rehearse, Shoot…
  • Manage the time on the set by keeping up with the Setup Schedule. Adjust schedule as needed.
  • Look ahead to next setups and make sure departments are prepared and working ahead.
  • Verify with volunteer or caterer that lunch will be brought to set in time to set it up prior to releasing for lunch.


  • Six hours after Call Time, release the cast & crew for lunch.
  • Make periodic announcements on time remaining on lunch.
  • Make sure lunch does not exceed one hour.


  • At Camera Wrap, make sure crew sanitizes equipment while wrapping safely and efficiently. Make sure to have Company Wrap on time.
  • Complete the Performers Time Report, and have the actors sign it before they are dismissed for the day.
  • Make sure 2nd AC, Script Supe, and Sound Mixer meet at end of day to verify their reports. Have them give you all reports.
  • Collect the camera card from the 2nd AC, and the sound card from the Sound Mixer.
  • Have crew members sign out using the iPad. Once all crew has clocked out and returned their walkies, plug in the iPad and walkies for the next day’s production. Monday Producers can hold on to the walkies and return them to the ER by 10am on Tuesday; and hold on to the iPad to return to the Head of Production by 10am Tuesday.
  • Once the Script Supe is finished with the SS laptop, then pass that laptop to the crew member who is the Producer in pre-pro the following day (i.e. the Friday Producer passes it to the Sunday Producer; the Saturday Producer passes it to the Monday Producer). Sunday and Monday Producers can hold on to the SS laptop to return to the ER by 10am Tuesday.
  • Clean and secure location. Be the LAST TO LEAVE (except perhaps Art Dept). Leave the location better than when you arrived.
  • Pass the key to Critchfield to the Producer for the next day’s production. Monday Producers can hold on to the key and return it to the Head of Production by 10am Tuesday.
  • Complete the Daily Production Report and distribute within 2 hours after Company Wrap.


  • Turn in Camera Reports, Camera Cards & Sound Cards to the cubbie in the ingest room in the Post Hall as soon as possible after wrap.
  • Sunday Producers turn in SS laptop, and Monday Producers turn in iPad and SS laptop to the Head of Production by 10am on Tuesday after production.
  • Turn in Production Delivery Paperwork via OneDrive to the Head of Production by 9am Thursday after production.