Production Meeting

The purpose of the Production Meeting is for the 1st AD to go through all the logistics with the crew, and to work out any remaining questions or concerns. All crew members (ATL & BTL) must attend the meeting.

Before the Meeting

The Producer is responsible for the following, but may be delegated to a 2nd AD if one is assigned to pre-pro.

  • Create a Slack channel for the production (e.g. #01f3-2022) and invite all crew members.
  • Post the latest draft of the script to that Slack channel.
  • Remind all crew members of the meeting time.

At the Meeting

The 1st AD is responsible for running the meeting by doing the following:

  • Opening remarks. Welcome everyone. Go around room and state your position on the show.
  • Make sure everyone has the latest draft of the script that was posted to the Slack channel pulled up in front of them.
  • Read through the action of the script, stopping after each scene for questions & comments. Each crew member should anticipate anything that would be helpful to discuss (e.g. safety, special equipment, sound, special effects, visual effects, etc.).
  • Give overview of location(s) and production schedule.
  • If applicable, discuss safety protocols for any hazardous conditions. Reference appropriate Safety Bulletins as needed.
  • Discuss any other logistics (e.g. dietary concerns, car pooling).
  • Director’s brief comments.
  • 1st AD closes the meeting.