Rigging on the Stages

Rigging is dangerous and requires specific knowledge and skills. Anything to be rigged from the pods, grid, catwalks, or otherwise must be discussed with and approved by the Stage Supervisor, who may also refer you to the Set Operations Manager for further approval. The Stage Supervisor or the Set Operations Manager will also inspect and give final approval of any rigging before it may be used as part of production.

Stage Curtains, Cyclorama, and Green Screen

The black curtains, the cyclorama, and the large green screen are equipment and must be requested. The curtains and cyclorama are for stage use only and may not be used on location. Both the VFX Department and cinematography instructor must be consulted and sign off on any use of the green screen.

If approved for use, the curtains and/or cyclorama will be checked out to the production by the Stage Supervisor, and the large green screen by the ER staff. These items will be inspected on check-out and again on check-in.

The Stage Supervisor will teach the students proper care, hanging technique and folding of the curtains and cyclorama, and will also check for proper adherence to these guidelines.