Multiple Dressing Room Units

Safety Bulletin


  1. The driver/operator plays an important role in maintaining a high degree of safety while these units are in use and is expected to meet high standards of competency. A qualified person should be present while such units are in operation.
  2. Generator exhausts shall be elevated a minimum of three feet (3′) above the floor level and vented to the outside at all times.
  3. Skirts or other downward projections encircling the unit shall not be closer than one foot (1′) from the ground.
  4. All portable electric heaters shall be equipped with safety tip-over switches. Such heaters may be installed only on a temporary basis when extreme cold weather prevails or when the permanently installed heater malfunctions.
  5. A single hand rail or grab bar shall be required where the floor is over three feet (3′) high.
  6. Before fueling vehicle and/or generator, the same shall be shut down. Particular caution shall be exercised when priming a carburetor. Fueling shall be done in a safe manner consistent with all state and local laws.
  7. No antifreeze shall be added to the fresh water tanks.
  8. All steps shall be stable and constructed securely. Apple and/or orange crates shall not be used as steps.

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